Wood Fencing

We offer a large variety of wood fencing options to beautify your home.

Please visit one of our suppliers' website to see some of the many options available to you:

Eastern White Cedar Fence




Below are some examples of our custom installations:

  • Rail Fence

    Available in 2 or 3 rail, our premium quality rail fences can serve a wide variety of needs. By itself, its aesthetically pleasing lines create a border or boundary for your property. Used in combination with wire fabrics, they also serve as economical yard enclosures, providing both good looks and durability.

  • Picket Fences

    For many years, this traditional favorite has been a popular way of enclosing your yard while dressing up your property with an air of distinction and exclusiveness. Protection and beauty are provided where complete privacy is not required. Available in heights ranging from 3' to 6'.

  • Privacy Fencing

    Screen and semi-screen fences add grace and beauty to your property, as well as providing privacy, protection and security for many years. A tall fence along the property line creates a sound buffer between dwellings and streets.