Today the world is full of specialists; doctors and builders alike. Many specialists together built your home. Hopefully all of those tradespeople were experienced with many years of training, making your home problem free. This is exactly what we offer you. By choosing us, you can be assured there will be only qualified, experienced workmen handling your project.

My Family began designing, building and erecting fences in 1955. My career in fencing began in 1974, training under our lead fence builder/installer. Like myself, all of my foremen began their apprenticeship more than 25 years ago with Fitzgerald Fences. You can be assured that hiring Fitzgerald Fence is risk free.


Our 3 year labor warranty assures you your fence will look the way you expect it to for years to come. Proper installation is not easy; it takes our workers much time and hard work to achieve the correct depth and necessary soil compaction needed to maintain plumbness. Most fences look good when new, but if improperly installed that soon fades when March winds arrive. Fitzgerald Fences, Inc.  guarantees proper installation with every job.

- Rick Fitzgerald