Questions & Answers

How long will a cedar fence last?
If left to weather, it will last approximately 12 years in the ground and 15-20 years above ground.

How long will spruce last?
Above ground 7-12 years; below ground 3-7 years.

How long will PVC fence last?
We're not sure yet, but it is believed that 40 or more years is quite possible.

Do I have to stain or paint cedar? If so, which of the two is better?
No, but if you choose to do so it will help preserve your fence and add value. Stain is better because it will not chip as easily as paint.

Is PVC maintainence free?
Mostly, but it needs to be washed every 3 or 4 years to keep mold/fungus from growing.

Which is better post, pressure treated or cedar?
Cedar is naturally resistant to decay, takes stain very well and has natural beauty if left to weather. Pressure treated should be used in soil that is wet most of the year, and areas that may have termites. It tends to check (crack during the drying process), and warp more than cedar, but will probably last longer.

Do I have to treat cedar post?
No, cedar is very long lasting and doesn't require treatment, nor does it accept treatment well.

What type of nails should be used?
Stainless steel.

Should wood, steel and PVC posts be cemented into the ground?
Wood shouldn't because concrete induces rot. Steel should because by itself it doesn't stay in place in most soils. For similar reasons PVC should also be cemented into the ground.

Dowel style or nail-on; what is the difference?
Dowel style is esthetically more pleasing, and makes for a stronger fence. Nail-on to the face of the post style is less expensive.

How deep do you install post?
It varies for different heights and types of fence, but the least is 24" and the most is 48".

What will my gate look like, and how big should it be?
It will look exactly like your chosen style of fence, with a scallop top in you choose. It is built to whatever size meets your needs. For example, do you have a wide riding mower, or do you need to access your backyard with a vehicle?